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The person behind the STAUDT® product range is Friedrich Staudt – a trained clothing technician who had been working with textile materials all his life and suffered from painful osteoarthritis of the knee joint himself.

As his osteoarthritis progressed, he was given the choice of surgery or therapy accompanied by a change in his lifestyle. He decided against an operation and for the second approach, and began to conduct intensive research into an aid that would help his joint problems. As a person who was very committed to his profession, Staudt’s challenge now was to find time for his therapy. After many failed attempts, he came up with a brilliant idea: He had to use NIGHT as his time for therapy. The foundation for the STAUDT® therapy approach had been established!

Wool wraps: The origin of the therapy sleeve

People have always suffered from joint pain, so Mr Staudt decided to look at the history of traditional medicine in Europe: What did people used to do for joint pain? What has always provided relief? In his research, he came across special sheep wool wraps, which were often previously used for joint complaints. These sheep wool wraps work in the same way as today’s therapy sleeves: The skin is rubbed and stimulated, thus promoting blood circulation. Thanks to his expertise gained from research in the textile sector, Mr Staudt finally succeeded in finding a substitute for scratchy sheep’s wool after a long search – after all, no one really wants to wear rough sheep’s wool on their body these days – and played a key role in developing Mobitex® fabric in the process.

The beginning of an international success strory

Tennis elbow & golfer’s elbow sleeves (night bandages) for sale – STAUDT® Health

Friedrich Staudt thus began to develop the STAUDT® therapy sleeve from a skin-friendly material, taking into account a wide variety of findings from folk medicine as well as medical research. It took several years, but success eventually proved him right. ‘Apply supports and provide support during the day – massage and provide protection during the NIGHT!’– This is how Friedrich Staudt explains the difference between supports and his sleeves. The sleeves – which have become a vital nightly companion both for him and now for numerous customers as well – offer special help for practially all joint problems and rheumatic complaints, after participating in sports, and following injuries, accidents and physical wear and tear. STAUDT® therapy sleeves are popular in both recreational and competitive sports, helping keep joints in top shape.

Aspic for Joints: How the STAUDT® Drink was made

The story of the STAUDT® drink is similar as well. Mr Staudt also took this idea from traditional European medicine. Joints need the right supply of nutrients – the so-called ‘joint lubrication’ – to work properly. So what did people eat for healthy joints in the past? The older generation will almost certainly be familiar with the dish in the picture: Aspic has long been a tradition on New Year’s Eve in parts of Europe, but that’s not the only time it brings luck. Aspic is a very healthy food, has a very low fat content and has been known for centuries as an effective remedy for joint problems. Our collagen drink (formerly a collagen powder) is based on the same nutrients.

Comprehensive help for joint and back pain


2011 ushered in a new generation in management at STAUDT® as Michael Toth took the helm. Based on Mr Staudt’s immense wealth of experience, the Austrian brand developed unrivalled expertise in the field of rehabilitation, pain treatment and prevention. Under the leadership of Michael Toth, our team’s goal is to continually improve and expand our range of products with care and diligence. Our aim is to serve as your first point of contact for joint and back pain by providing you with comprehensive support that keeps you moving in your day-to-day life.

The Upper Austrian High-Tech Fund invests in STAUDT®


The Upper Austrian High-Tech Fund (OÖ HightechFonds) provides strong support for Austrian companies in the high-tech sector: Based on total funding of more than 11 million euros, the fund enables companies with high potential to implement innovative ideas in Austria. As part of its investment strategy, the high-tech fund acquires shareholdings in technology-oriented companies that possess significant performance and earnings potential in the medium to long term. From 2013 to 2020, the venture capital fund invested in STAUDT® and thereby the vital, growing health sector. In the photo: Economic Minister Michael Strugl with our Managing Director Michael Toth (right).

Three decades - Numerous success stories


Over the years, STAUDT® has become the leader in therapy sleeves applied at night in the fields of orthopaedics and orthopaedic rehabilitation based on a wealth of medical research and development as well as exceptional technological innovations. The company offers people a comprehensive spectrum of products across the treatment chain, from injury prevention to support during rehabilitation. Our users range from hobby gardeners to the world’s best athletes, doctors and their grandparents, but they have one thing in common: Our customers trust STAUDT®, and we are therefore pleased to offer our impressive, exceptional products directly to you, the end customer, via our retail and online sales channels.





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