Our Philosophy

STAUDT® gives you back the Well-Being that pain took away

We diligently work and conduct research every day, developing comprehensive treatment for every person with joint and back pain – so you can get back the well-being that pain took away.

Our philosophy: We want to improve quality of life for our customers – STAUDT® Health


Our ultimate goal is to develop products that help our customers improve their quality of life. Continuous innovation, research and improvements to our products based on practical observations are our most important tool when it comes to staying number one for a pain-free life on the go. We want to maintain our position in future as well, and that’s precisely why we do our best every day to provide you with comprehensive support – so you can continue to enjoy your daily routine and your life without restrictions. Your future is bright!

Fully committed to an active lifestyle

Great achievements, the will to succeed and team spirit are part of our philosophy and values which we promote here at STAUDT®. That’s why we are proud that top athletes such as volleyball stars Doris and Stefanie Schwaiger and Olympian Günther Weidlinger rely on the effectiveness of our products. You can see us in the picture with top athlete Weidlinger at a race against a trotting horse on the racetrack!

A picture from an exciting interview with Mr Weidlinger before the New Year’s Eve race in Peuerbach, Austria, in 2013. According to the seven-time winner, his goal was ‘to repeat my time of 19:36 minutes from last year or even beat it’. We were there to cheer him on!

Healthy at every age



The sooner the foundation is laid for an active lifestyle, the better. We want to support a healthy lifestyle at every age. That’s why we supported SC Seiersberg’s youth team. As you can see from the STAUDT® logo on the underside of their shorts, the lads are ‘set’ on STAUDT® on well ...



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