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STAUDT® offers dietary supplements for joints to help those who suffer from joint and back pain. If you are affected by restlessness, sleep problems, rheumatism, osteoarthritis or back and joint pain, our dietary supplements help to provide the ideal nutrient supply for your joints, enabling you to sleep well and relieving your pain so you can enjoy your everyday life.

Nutritional support for your joints

Joint wear is a natural process that can be counteracted. In order to maintain the function of the joints over the long term, it is thus important to ensure an optimal supply of nutrients to the joints in particular. To this end, STAUDT® has put together a comprehensive range of products – the everyday health products – which provide the cartilage with an optimal supply of nutrients, helping you to relieve your pain and counteract the wear process if you suffer from joint and back pain. You can easily and conveniently find nutritional supplements, sedatives, sleep capsules/tablets for sleep problems and as anti-stress remedies in STAUDT®’s online shop.

Dietary supplements that provide you with comprehensive relief for joint and back pain

STAUDT® Gel with green-lipped mussel extract ensures optimal circulation and nutrient supply for the joint

STAUDT® Daily mobility capsules contain beneficial vitamin C and a high dose (63.6%) of green-lipped mussel powder that helps develop joint fluid and can thus support the joints

STAUDT® Sleep well capsules with valerian help you if you experience restlessness, stress or difficulties falling and staying asleep

STAUDT® Drink supplements the nourishment of the joints with acerola, collagen, glucosamine and chondroitin

STAUDT® FIT tea for joints with rosehip, a ‘vitamin C bomb’, contributes to the normal formation of collagen and to the normal function of the bones and cartilage

STAUDT®: your specialist for joint and back pain. Made in Austria.



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