The STAUDT® product range includes the popular STAUDT joint pain gel, an ideal complement to the therapy sleeve worn at night. The gel is intended for daily use. Thanks to the beneficial green-lipped mussel extract, the gel stimulates circulation and promotes the well-being of the joints and muscles. The gel is available in a 125-ml sample tube, a 500-ml tin with dispenser as well as a 500-ml refill container

How the STAUDT® gel works

The beneficial STAUDT® joint pain gel is applied in the morning and evening before putting on STAUDT® therapy sleeves. It has a pleasant scent, is not greasy and absorbs quickly. Produced according to our own in-house recipe, the high-quality gel contains beneficial nutrients that achieve the best effect: glycosaminoglycans from the green-lipped mussel (Perna canaliculus, which is raised according to international quality standards in New Zealand), essential plant oils from wintergreen, witch hazel (new), eucalyptus, spruce needles and a new, improved rosemary formula as well as cooling menthol. The STAUDT® gel first provides pleasant cooling and then has a comfortable warming effect.

The unique "STAUDT® gel experience"

STAUDT® joint pain gel with eucalyptus and menthol has a mild cooling effect for the first 15–20 minutes, after which the essential oils provide a slightly warming sensation, among other benefits. STAUDT® joint pain gel promotes blood circulation and relaxes the muscles. Tension and pain are relieved. The STAUDT® gel isn’t our customers’ favourite product for nothing!



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