Therapy Sleeves

STAUDT® therapy sleeves with Mobitex® fabric – they are similar to a support, but are worn loosely and at night. Our therapy sleeves are an ideal supplement to a support and are intended to treat joint and back pain. STAUDT® night bandages activate blood circulation, boost the metabolism and promote regeneration of the joint during sleep.
Please select the area where you experience pain to find the right STAUDT® therapy sleeve:

Find the right therapy sleeve for your affected body region

Need help choosing the right therapy sleeve? If you are unsure which STAUDT® night bandage is right for your specific condition, simply select the affected body region by clicking on the pain area (label or point). Then navigate directly to the product pages of the therapy sleeves. In the detailed description of the therapy sleeve, you will find all the information and details about the respective areas of application, mode of action and tips for use.

STAUDT® night bandages provide special support for chronic arthritis and rheumatic diseases. They are worn like a support, but at night, and boost the metabolism as well as accelerate regeneration in the affected joint via a micro-massage effect. In many cases, morning stiffness can be completely remedied and the use of analgesic medications can be significantly reduced. An additional positive effect is achieved by caring for the joint with the STAUDT® gel, ideally in the morning and in the evening: The gel initially has a cooling effect and then promotes blood circulation. The gel is used to massage the joints; it is absorbed quickly and has a pleasant scent. In the evening, the STAUDT® sleeve is fitted directly over it. STAUDT® therapy sleeves are available for the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers, back, knees and ankles. The sleeves are best worn in pairs – the effect is enhanced over the reflex arcs and the spinal cord when STAUDT® bandages are worn on both the healthy and painful joint.

Mode of action and technology

STAUDT® is the leading manufacturer of bandages worn at night. Our products in the therapy sleeves category relieve pain and promote regeneration of the muscles and joint structures. The elastic, breathable Mobitex® fabric is often used in physiotherapy both as a means of prevention as well as for treating existing pain and is a good complement to any daytime support: Wear a support with a supportive and compression effect throughout the day, and the STAUDT® sleeve with its pain relief and regeneration effect at night! Thanks to the mesh structure on the inside, the STAUDT® night bandage relieves joint and back pain via a micro-massage effect while improving blood circulation and recovery by stimulating the lymphatic system.

How do I find the right therapy sleeve?

WA proper, loose fit is key when choosing the right STAUDT® sleep bandage. The selected STAUDT® sleeve should not be too tight and should use your natural movements during sleep in a targeted manner to rub the material against the skin, thereby creating the micro-massage effect. For this reason, please wear the sleeve directly on the skin without a layer of clothing in between. STAUDT® sleep bandages do not provide compression like conventional supports!

The therapy sleeve has been developed for a specific pain area and certain causes of pain. Its comfort during wear and the ideal, maximum level of effectiveness are thus adjusted to your individual symptoms and optimised.

STAUDT® therapy sleeves use this approach to help relieve and treat pain caused by excessive strain, arthritis, rheumatism, sports injuries and general wear and tear. STAUDT® night bandages are used both to treat chronic pain as well as to prevent it. As a preventive measure, STAUDT® therapy sleeves can help you to support and counter weak areas of the body that are identified early on, thus preventing the progression of joint wear and the development of chronic and permanent pain.

Please see the following links for details on the proven effect of STAUDT® therapy sleeves and experiences with them:

Buy STAUDT® therapy sleeves online quickly, easily and conveniently

Your well-being is our top priority. For this reason, we want to guarantee that you receive only the very best customer service. Please contact us if you have questions of any kind. Our team will be happy to provide you with expert advice in selecting the right STAUDT® night bandage, accompany you through the ordering process and assist you with any other concerns and questions.

In the STAUDT® online shop you can buy our therapy sleeves, which are similar to sleep bandages but are worn loosely and directly on the skin at night. The STAUDT® online shop specialises in back and joint pain and only includes items that meet the high requirements you place on quality. Those who look after themselves wear STAUDT® every day!

  •   Wear STAUDT® sleeves made of Mobitex® fabric loosely and at night
  •   Ideal supplement to a support – those who wear supports during the day use STAUDT® sleeves for regeneration at night (no supporting function!)
  •   High-quality, easy-care material that is pleasantly soft during wear – no chafing, no scratching, no perspiration
  •   Easy to put on with a perfect fit thanks to Velcro



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