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MPeople who can hardly get out of bed in the morning due to pain – whether due to back injuries after an accident or simply due to wear – experience soothing relief for their pain thanks to the STAUDT® back sleeve and are able to get a reasonably good start to their day again. This makes back exercises (to strengthen the back) possible, for example, and painkillers can be reduced. This effect is triggered by the fact that the body heat is retained during the night without exceeding the core temperature. A dry microclimate develops, and the skin experiences mild, dry warming of 1 to 4 degrees Celsius. This is accompanied by a mild massaging effect via the incorporated mesh, resulting in muscle relaxation and a cushioning effect that absorbs vibrations.




Counteracting back pain  naturally. The STAUDT® back sleeve works at night

 Pain relief at night

 Muscle relaxing and regenerating effec

  Highly breathable – no perspiration

  APleasantly soft to wear and perfect fit


Uli Herzig, Austria’s top Kneipp hydrotherapy practitioner recommends: ‘The first thing is to determine is whether the lower back pain has a pulling effect, restricts movement directly or is dull, whether there are mild signs of paralysis (tingling in the hands or feet), whether the individual has problems getting up, or whether the pain extends down the legs, which could indicate, for example, that the sciatic nerve is irritated, or whether the individual is suffering from psychological pressure.’ After the first assessment, you can decide – you go straight to the doctor, or you can be professionally treated by a massage therapist or you use STAUDT® therapy sleeves – the latter is always an option.

Athletes also use STAUDT® sleeves

Individuals with back injuries aren’t the only ones who protect their backs with STAUDT® therapy sleeves; athletes use them as well: Many top athletes have also used STAUDT® back sleeves during training – for example, the Austrian rowing team doesn’t get into their boat without the back sleeve, and skiers Nierlich and Vettori put on the sleeves between trips down the slopes to achieve a massage effect and consistent warming.

Intervertebral discs: the most common cause of back problems

The height and diameter of the respective intervertebral discs are an essential factor for the mobility of the back. The height of the intervertebral discs is very high in the neck segment, slims in the chest area and increases again in the area of ​​the lumbar vertebrae. The intervertebral discs consist of the nucleus pulposus (jelly nucleus) and the annulus fibrosus (fibrous ring). Since the intervertebral disc does not have its own blood vessels, it also regenerates to only a limited extent and becomes more susceptible to wear as the individual ages.

Buy sleeve to counteract back pain – effective therapy at night for back pain

Proven STAUDT® back bandages with Mobitex® fabric are worn loosely at night. The elastic, breathable Mobitex® fabric is often used in physiotherapy both preventively and for the treatment of existing pain and is the ideal complement to any support. Thanks to the net structure on the inside, the sleeve uses a micro-massage effect to relieve back pain, stimulate blood circulation and promote regeneration by stimulating the lymphatic system. Back sleeves (night bandages for back pain) can be conveniently purchased online in the STAUDT® online shop.





The back sleeve is suitable for treating the following indications:

back pain of any kind
tension in the back
chronic intervertebral disc complaints
pain due to excessive strain
pain caused by osteoporosis
herniated discs
injury-related damage to the spine
(ideal supplement to all back supports worn during the day)


You should consult your doctor before using the STAUDT® night bandages in the following cases:

All persistent back complaints and those with acute onset in particular
Suspected disc herniation, paralysis or rheumatic pain that has yet to be clarified by a specialist

Also suitable for those who wear supports – use the STAUDT® night bandage for back pain while you sleep

For best results, STAUDT® back sleeves made of Mobitex® fabric should be worn loosely at night. They are an ideal supplement to a support – those who wear back supports during the day use STAUDT® back sleeves for regeneration at night (no supporting function). STAUDT®: Buy a sleeve to counteract your back pain now. STAUDT® is your specialist for back pain.




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