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Glove and wrist sleeves: The STAUDT® range includes two different hand sleeves. They have been proven effective for wrist pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoarthritis and mouse arm and are an ideal complement to a wrist support worn during the day. Choose between a wrist sleeve or glove sleeve for use at night, depending on where you experience pain.

Which wrist bandage is right for use at night?

STAUDT® offers you two different therapy sleeves to treat pain in the fingers, wrist and thumb. STAUDT® bandages for the wrist are recommended if you experience pain or symptoms of overuse, or to prevent this pain. The hand sleeves and wrist sleeves reduce pain and accelerate the recovery process.

  • Wrist sleeve: carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoarthritis of the wrist, chronic (poly) arthritis, rhizarthrosis, RSI syndrome (mouse arm), tendonitis
  • Glove sleeve: osteoarthritis of the finger joints, especially in the case of degeneration of the finger joints, chronic polyarthritis, Raynaud’s disease. With the exception of the thumb, the fingers cannot be treated via the wrist – please use our STAUDT® gloves for this!

Why do I have pain in my hands, fingers thumb or wrist?

  • The classic triggers for pain in the hands, fingers and wrist are excessive strain, inflammation with chronic progression, injuries and tumours in the affected area. Other causes of hand, finger and wrist pain include:
  • Osteaoarthritis, rheumatism and osteoarthritis of the wrist (destroys joint cartilage)
  • Tendonitis (for example due to overuse in certain professions or during pregnancy)
  • Accidents, broken bones in the hand area
  • Excessive strain as well as inappropriate loading of the wrist
  • RSI syndrome (mouse arm), for example, due to long periods of office work
  • Narrowing of the carpal tunnel (genetic in origin)
  • Polyneuropathy (certain form of diabetes)

Pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome

Pain and numbness in the ring and middle finger are referred to as the carpal tunnel syndrome. The following symptoms are noticeable: At night, the fingers fall asleep and tingle with a sensation like pinpricks, particularly when the wrists are at an angle, as occurs while sleeping, but also when making phone calls, working, writing or cycling. This extends from the carpal tunnel area to the thumb and forefinger, in some cases even into the forearm. As the disease progresses, grasping movements can no longer be performed with the necessary force. If no countermeasures are taken, extensive restriction of fine motor skills and freedom of movement subsequently occur. To avoid prolonged damage, treatment should be initiated soon after the first symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome appear.

Effective therapy at night for hand pain, wrist pain and finger pain - Why wear a night wrist bandage?

  • For best results, wear the STAUDT® night wrist bandage and glove bandage made of Mobitex® fabric loosely during the night
  • Proven STAUDT® wrist bandages with Mobitex® fabric are worn loosely at night
  • Wrist bandages and night bandages for wrist pain can be conveniently purchased online in the STAUDT® online shop.
  • Useful tips and exercises to counteract finger and wrist pain can also be found on our blog. Visit our blog to check them out.

STAUDT®: wrist sleeve for osteoarthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Your specialist for wrist, finger and hand pain.



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