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Throat sleeves and neck bandages: STAUDT®’s range includes a wide selection of sleeves and bandages for the neck and throat that are intended to be worn at night. They have been proven effective for sore throats, neck pain or general neck discomfort and serve as an ideal complement to supports worn during the day. Choose between a throat band, neck band, neck sleeve or cervical/shoulder sleeve, depending on your pain area.

Which night bandage is right for me?

The STAUDT® range includes four different throat sleeves and neck bandages to relieve the shoulder and neck area. These have been specifically tailored and developed for your complaints depending on the specific cause of pain. Please see below for our guide to choosing the right therapy sleeve:

Throat band: general discomfort in the neck, sore throat, hoarseness, throat infections, beginning cold symptoms, strained vocal cords

Neck band: neck tension, general neck pain, cervical syndrome (discomfort originating in the cervical spine), spine-related headache, menstrual headaches

Neck sleeve: shoulder and neck discomfort, neck tension, tension headache, general tension in the shoulder area, excessive strain

Cervical/shoulder sleeve: general discomfort in the neck area, pain in the cervical spine caused by excessive strain and wear, tension in the cervical spine, symptoms caused by osteoporosis, pain and tension due to postural abnormalities, stenosis (narrowing of the blood vessels)

Night bandage for neck and throat pain

Neck pain is widespread and is often attributed to a stiff neck, office work or using a mobile phone, for example. Almost every one of us is at least temporarily affected by neck pain at some point in our lives. The pain frequently originates in the neck and radiates into the shoulder and down into the arms and fingers.

Neck pain is often the result of excessive strain placed on the back, neck and shoulder muscles on a permanent basis due to incorrect posture and incorrect loading. The result is shortened and hardened muscles, which subsequently respond much more quickly to stress in the form of pain. The neck can then become as hard as a board, even when subjected to minimal stress. The result is a vicious circle: The pain results in further improper and compensatory postures, which in turn promote tension and gradually strengthen over time. Unless countermeasures are taken, this can result in lasting damage, which may put those affected out of action completely.

Cause: Improper strain and stresses

In many cases, the main cause of neck pain is improper strain – typically caused by prolonged sitting in the office, resulting in hyperextension of the neck muscles. So, once you’re back at work and you’re engrossed in your exciting report, you’re more likely to slump and forget about maintaining an upright posture. Insufficiently trained back and abdominal muscles also result in the cervical and neck muscles not being sufficiently relieved.

Improper postures lead to stiffening and cause the fascia to solidify over a long period of time, which is aggravated by additional stress at work. This tension can, however, be resolved by targeted therapy.

If you spend extended periods sitting every day, pleases take every opportunity to stand up and stretch your legs. Clean air and fresh oxygen also help to keep the neck and shoulder muscles relaxed and prevent tension from occurring. Try neck exercises as well to strengthen your neck muscles and support your cervical spine.

Therappy for sore throats and hoarseness

Keep your neck warm by wearing the STAUDT® neck band.

IMPORTANT: Both doctors and patients often talk about the flu when they mean a cold. A cold is very different to actual viral flu (influenza).

Cause: Cervical Syndrome

This condition includes all acute or chronic complaints in the cervical spine or neck region. The most common cause for the occurrence of cervical syndrome is a lack of exercise, one-sided strain and tension in the neck muscles. Malpositioning of the cervical spine or herniated discs and stress can also trigger cervical syndrome. A list of symptoms caused by cervical syndrome can be found below:

  • Short-term pain in the neck region that occurs suddenly
  • Restricted movement in the cervical spine
  • Pain radiating into the head
  • Pain radiating into one or both arms
  • Numbness or weakness of the arm muscles or hand muscles

If these symptoms continue for longer than 2–3 weeks, this is referred to as chronic cervical syndrome – it is imperative that you consult a doctor! Warmth, solutions to relieve tension, massages, physiotherapy and STAUDT® throat sleeves have proven to be very helpful in combatting symptoms.

Cause: Headaches

‘Headaches’ are a very broad field, and differentiations can be made between up to 200 different types! If headaches are occurring for the first time, if a familiar headache intensifies or if the attacks of pain occur more frequently than usual, it is essential that a doctor clarifies whether they can be attributed to a disease. A doctor should also be consulted if children suffer from headaches. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should always seek advice from a doctor. Headaches are one of the most common health problems, in addition to back and knee pain.

Primary headache – migraine

In the case of a primary headache, or migraine, the pain itself is the disorder.

Secondary headache

In this case, headaches occur as a side effect of another disease. However, they need to be carefully monitored, and their causes may need to be eliminated quickly depending on the situation.

What else can cause a headache?

Lifestyle can be a trigger for headaches, as well as the weather. A number of factors that can trigger headaches are listed below:

  • Stress: Persistent, chronic stress is a frequent trigger – it’s also possible that the headache may only occur when the stress subsides and you can actually relax (holidays, weekends).
  • Smoking and alcohol: Both consumption and withdrawal can cause headaches.
  • Diet: Irregular meals can lead to fluctuating blood sugar levels, which can cause headaches. In addition, certain foods and drinks can cause headaches.
  • Poor posture and tension: An improper posture can lead to muscle tension.
  • Sleep: Irregular sleep, a lack of sleep or excessive sleep may cause headaches.
  • Weather: Changes in the weather and air pressure may trigger headaches. Air conditioners can also have an influence.
  • Lack of oxygen
  • Excessive strain: Headaches may occur during physical or mental exertion.

Effective night-time treatment for neck pain and sore throats

You can apply STAUDT® therapy sleeves for the shoulder and neck area in just one step. The sleeve is worn directly on the skin for maximum effect. It plays a key role in relaxing and loosening the muscles thanks to the friction that occurs due to natural movements during sleep and thus provides significant pain relief thanks to its micro-massage effect. STAUDT® neck and shoulder sleeves have a natural look and work effectively with no side effects.

STAUDT® Night-time neck bandage and night-time throat bandage - recommended for: 

  • Neck pain
  • Joint wear
  • Pain in the shoulder and arm, shoulder stiffness
  • Tension and pain in the cervical spine
  • Rehabilitation after injuries or surgery
  • Pain in the neck and area of the cervical spine and shoulder
  • Muscle tension
  • Tension headaches
  • Sensitivity to cold

Why wear neck and throat sleeves?

  • For the best results, wear proven STAUDT® throat sleeves, neck bandages, throat bandages and neck sleeves made of Mobitex® fabric loosely and at night
  • They complement supports perfectly – those who wear throat supports and neck supports during the day use STAUDT® night-time throat bandages and night-time neck bandages to promote regeneration (no supporting function!)
  • Neck and throat bandages can be conveniently purchased online in STAUDT’s online shop

STAUDT®: your specialist for neck and throat pain.



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