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Shoulder sleeve and bandage for the shoulder joint: The STAUDT® ranges includes two different shoulder bandages for use at night. They are proven to provide relief for shoulder joint pain, tension, calcification, frozen shoulder syndrome and general discomfort in the shoulder area and serve as an ideal complement to shoulder supports worn during the day. Choose between the shoulder bandage or double shoulder bandage, depending on where you experience pain.

Which shoulder sleeve is the right for me?

Choose between two different orthopaedic shoulder sleeves for shoulder pain in the STAUDT® online shop. Each shoulder sleeve was developed to treat specific pain symptoms.

Shoulder sleeve: chronic rheumatic, tension and wear-related shoulder joint pain, pain due to anatomical changes in the acromion (bony process on the shoulder blade), muscle tension, calcification; accelerates recovery following surgery

Double shoulder sleeve: calcification (affecting both sides), chronic intervertebral disc discomfort, pain due to compensatory postures, overuse of the shoulder, tension, frozen shoulder syndrome, shoulder stiffness

Night bandage for the shoulder: Effective therapy at night for shoulder pain and shoulder joint pain

Cause: Shoulder tension

Shoulder tension is one of the most common complaints of the upper musculoskeletal system and can be very uncomfortable. Inflammation of the shoulder joint is associated with severe pain, which often initially occurs in bed at night, whenever the person is lying on the side with the inflamed shoulder. Other possible causes of shoulder joint inflammation may include tears in tendons or muscles, tendinitis or bursitis. Accidents, injuries and, of course, wear and tear may cause changes in the shoulder joint and stiffness in the shoulder. In addition to increased blood fats and congenital malformations of the cervical spine, genetic factors may also play a role.

Cause: Frozen Shoulder Syndrom

Frozen shoulder, also referred to as shoulder stiffness, is an inflammatory disease of the joint capsule. This inflammation subsequently leads to shrinking, sticking and hardening of the connective tissue in the shoulder joint. This development is manifested by pain and restricted mobility of the shoulder, which can extend to complete immobility. As the name suggests, the shoulder can ‘thaw’ again so that the joint regains mobility. Depending on the progression of the disease, this can take between one to three years and may take longer.

A frozen shoulder is often very stressful for those affected by it. Not only days of severe pain, but also noticeably restricted mobility in everyday life can have a negative impact on patients’ personal and professional lives. Treatment of a frozen shoulder usually takes place in two stages. The goal in the first phase is to relieve the pain and inhibit inflammation. In the second stage, physiotherapy and exercises are used to specifically regain the ability to move.

Cause: Arthritis - Inflammation of the shoulder joint

AInflammation in the shoulder area can result in stiffness of the shoulder joint or ‘frozen shoulder’ syndrome. Anti-inflammatory agents are often prescribed to treat the inflammation. Physiotherapy helps to keep the shoulder joint flexible, but overstretching should be avoided. STAUDT® therapy sleeves can help you to counteract frozen shoulder syndrome. The natural micro-massage helps to stimulate blood circulation, thus activating and accelerating the healing process. As a result, STAUDT® shoulder sleeves and double shoulder sleeves help you to relieve pain and regain a good level of mobility in your shoulders.

Why wear a STAUDT® bandage for shoulder pain at night?

Bewährte STAUDT® Schulterbandagen/Schultermanschetten mit Mobitex®Gewebe werden locker anliegend bei Nacht getragen. Schulterbandagen und Nacht Bandagen für Schulterschmerzen kaufen Sie bequem online im STAUDT® Online Shop.

  • STAUDT®’s proven shoulder bandages/shoulder sleeves with Mobitex® fabric are worn loosely at night. Shoulder bandages and night bandages for shoulder pain can be conveniently purchased online in the STAUDT® online shop.
  • For best results, wear STAUDT® shoulder sleeves and double shoulder sleeves made of Mobitex® fabric loosely at night
  • Ideal supplement to a support – those who wear shoulder supports and should joint supports during the day wear STAUDT® shoulder therapy sleeves at night for regeneration (no supporting function!)

STAUDT®: night bandages for shoulder pain. Your specialist for shoulder pain and shoulder joint pain.



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