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Buy the STAUDT® ankle sleeve – to be worn loosely at night

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Treat ankle pain specifically with a soothing, natural massage that enhances blood circulation throughout the night

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Detailed description

Dr Birgit Mayr, Specialist in Orthopaedics, Herniated Discs and General Medicine
The ankle sleeves are put on like socks and fixed with Velcro fasteners. Ankle sleeve (worn at night) is an ideal complement to an ankle support (worn during the day). Wear the ankle sleeves every night – and always directly on the skin, with no socks in between. Put them on at bedtime to achieve the micro-massage effect during the night.


  •   Treatment following injuries and surgery
  •   Chronic cold feet due to circulatory and nervous disorders
  •   After surgery, e.g. ligament surgery
  •   Restless legs syndrome
  •   Diabetic polyneuropathy (diabetic foot)
  •   Regeneration, e.g. after sports

THE ACHILLES TENDON – OUR SORE SPOT. It cost Achilles his life in the fight for Troy – but it doesn’t have to be that way. The causes of pain in the Achilles tendon, heel, midfoot or ankle range from chronically cold feet, osteoarthritis pain, nerve disorders caused by diabetes and circulatory disorders to excessive strain caused by muscular deficits and sports injuries. Experience has shown that most conditions can be managed effectively using a natural approach and without surgery.

GET BACK ON TRACK. The STAUDT® ankle sleeves are a great, effective aid for all pain and discomfort in the ankle joint, Achilles tendon, midfoot, chronically cold feet, osteoarthritis pain, nerve disorders caused by diabetes, circulatory disorders and excessive strain caused by muscular deficits, overloading and exercise. The breathable velor fabric provides a ventilation effect – so you don’t sweat, while the muscles and ankle are comfortably relaxed and massaged. Breathable channels ensure a fresh feeling during wear. In the case of diabetic neuropathy (diabetic foot), the ankle sleeves help to improve the sense of perception in the foot and reduce swelling. The sleeves can provide natural help for heel spurs in particular thanks to their anti-inflammatory effect that decreases swelling.

The delivery includes one pair of ankle sleeves. All therapy sleeves used on the arms or legs – and thus our night bandages for the ankles as well – are always worn in pairs.

Customer reviews

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  Pleasant, warm feeling, lymphatic drainage and thus relief
Rico S., 18 May 2018

I had an ankle fracture with chronic lymphoedema and occasional pain, especially when placing weight on it for long periods. I managed to reduce the pain by wearing the sleeve every night. 

  Help for chronic ankle discomfort and swelling
Helmut M., 27 September 2017

The ankle bandages are particularly effective for pain relief for diabetic polyneuropathy. In my case, the discomfort occurs especially during periods of rest or at night. Previously, I had not found an effective way to fight the pain, so strong medication was my only option. However, since I started using your ankle bandage after getting a tip at a diabetic seminar, I am almost free of pain, except in the area where the toes and calves are exposed, and only need to resort to drugs on rare occasions.

  Helped me with restless legs syndrome 
G. Rudolph, 5 August 2017

My husband has been a stroke patient since 2004. As a result, he suffers from restless leg syndrome in his right leg. The ankle sleeves have helped my husband with the RLS since the first night. At night, he has no painful twitching in his leg, but during the day it starts at around 4 pm (about 2 hours later than before wearing the sleeves). Thanks to the sleeves, he has returned to taking the normal amount of tablets (Restex and Levodopa for 2 years). Before wearing your sleeves, we tried all types of help without success. You helped us a great deal a few years ago with the ankle sleeves. We sincerely hope that the success of your treatment is long lasting for others as well. Thank you for your efforts! Best regards! 

  Soothing at night. Good product, helps against pain 
Karl W., 14 November 2016

I suffer from massive chronic inflammation of the Achilles tendon – on both sides. The sleeve helps with this. It was recommended to me by my physiotherapist.

  Great support during the night 
Theresa H., 4 May 2016

great for diabetics who have cold feet and toe cramps. I initially wore the ankle sleeve daily, but 3–4x weekly is sufficient now.

  Highly effective for polyneuropathy 
anonym, 11 April 2016

Applying it at night with gel on my foot results in relief for my polyneuropathy during the day. I use the ankle sleeve daily as my polyneuropathy otherwise becomes worse.

Product details

STAUDT® technology

Mobitex® technology

  • Activates regeneration, blood circulation and metabolism during sleep
  • Has an analgesic and muscle-relaxing effect that reduces blockages so you wake up feeling good in the morning
  • Skin-friendly, lightweight velor material ensures good ventilation
  • High-quality workmanship, easy-care material that is comfortably soft during wear – no chafing, no scratching, no perspiration

Care instructions

Washable at 60 °C with commercially available mild detergents.
Do not expose to direct sunlight. Please do not iron.

Combination with STAUDT®  Gel

Combine the therapy sleeve with the STAUDT® Gel to achieve the best effect. Thanks to its high proportion of beneficial glycosaminoglycans from New Zealand green-lipped mussels, the gel stimulates blood circulation, has a pleasant smell, relaxes the muscles and has a nourishing and protective effect on the throat region.

Proven qualityMedically proven – clinically tested – class I medical device


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