STAUDT® Daily Mobility 180 capsules


High dose (63.6%) of green-lipped mussel powder + vitamin C for daily joint mobility in capsule form

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Promotes mobility of the joints, helps to repair the cartilage, supports the joint structure and protects the joint tissue

    Tested for heavy metals
    Tested for pesticides
    Not genetically modified
    Lactose free
    Wheat free
    Egg free
    No preservatives by law
    Soy free

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    Detailed description

    • High concentration of green-lipped mussel powder (63.6%), which helps to develop synovial fluid and can thus support the joints
    • Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for normal cartilage function and normal bone function
    • Has an anti-inflammatory effect thanks to special omega-3 fatty acids
    • Made of 100% New Zealand green-lipped mussels from strictly controlled breeding

    Available in 2 sizes: 

    90 capsules 180 capsules

    We owe a lot to our joints: Our connective tissue and articular cartilage are marvels of nature. We need them to protect our joints and enable our bodies to move freely without pain. The elasticity of the cartilage decreases with age, improper strain, weak muscles and a lack of synthesis of the nutrients required for development, and damaging influences destroy the smooth surface. Our joints no longer glide freely without friction, and inflammatory processes place an additional burden on the cartilage.

    Decades ago, researchers discovered by accident that the natives of New Zealand, the Maoris, enjoyed remarkably good joint health even in old age. However, this only held true for the Maoris living along the coast. In search of the cause, the researchers came across the green-lipped mussel, which played a major role in the diet and lifestyle of the coastal inhabitants. The positive effects on the joints are primarily attributed to the glycosaminoglycans contained in the green-lipped mussel and special omega-3 fatty acids, which serve as essential nutrients for the skin, connective tissue and cartilage and are therefore particularly suitable for use to treat arthrosis, osteoarthritis, rheumatism, back and joint pain. Read more about the effects of the green-lipped mussel, which has been proven in studies.

    Joint wear is a natural process that can be counteracted. In order to maintain the function of the joints over the long term, it is thus important to ensure an optimal supply of nutrients to the joints in particular. To this end, STAUDT® developed a unique combination of green-lipped mussel powder and high-quality herbal ingredients that provides the cartilage with the optimal supply of nutrients. You can use a nutritional approach to support your joints thanks to STAUDT® Daily Mobility, the remedy for joint pain.


    Take two capsules of the joint pain remedy in the morning and two capsules in the evening before meals with a bit of liquid.

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     I feel better and am more mobile
    Brigitte B., 6 October 2017

    I use the capsules and now order the drink as well (1/2 year later, after buying the knee sleeve), after seeing how they proved successful for my symptoms (better mobility).



    Everyday mobility capsules contain a particularly high dose (63.6%) of green-lipped mussel powder, which can supply glycosaminoglycans to the articular cartilage. Glycosaminoglycans are nutrients that can be utilised particularly well in the context of joint metabolism because they have a high affinity to the basic building blocks of synovial fluid and articular cartilage. As a ‘joint lubricant’, glycosaminoglycans contain important nutrients for building our joints and are therefore often used in the treatment of joint pain and diseases.


    The special active ingredient lyprinol occurs in this form only in the green-lipped mussel. Lyprinol consists of 12 different omega-3 fatty acids, which have a particularly strong anti-inflammatory effect on the human body. Thanks to the special omega-3 fatty acids, they can have an anti-inflammatory effect and help the joints to naturally support the development of synovial fluid. The combination of lyprinol and glycosaminoglycans make the green-lipped mussel an effective remedy for joint problems.


    In addition, our formula contains essential vitamin C, which serves as an important catalyst for bone and tissue formation. Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal functioning of the bones, cartilage and blood vessels. Together with the special omega-3 fatty acids of the green-lipped mussel, everyday mobility is therefore the ideal supplement for treating joint and back complaints and plays a key role in an active everyday life.


    Particularly high dosage – more content for a lower price
    Effective – the remedy for joint pain stops joint damage from progressing and can drastically reduce joint stiffness and swelling
    Made from 100% New Zealand green-lipped mussels – bred in highly controlled waters, extracted using a patented process that conforms to the highest quality standard
    Health in just a single capsule – joint capsules are easy to use, including in day-to-day life
    Natural effect – high tolerability, without negative side effects
     NEW You can now buy STAUDT® joint capsules in both the 90 and 180 capsule versions.


    Nutritional values*:per 100 g:per 4 capsules:
    Calories    1137 kJ / 270 kcal24,8 kJ / 5,9 kcal
    Protein    42,1 g0,92 g
    Carbohydrates    8,7 g0,19 g
    Sugar    <0,2 g<0,01 g
    Fat    7,4 g0,16 g
    Saturated fats2,6 g0,06 g
    Fibre    35,4 g0,77 g
    Sodium    0,96 g0,021 g
    Vitamin C545 mg12 mg
    Omega-3 fatty acids11,5 gat least 252 mg

    (*) Calculated from average values. Certain natural or seasonal fluctuations are possible.

    Content:per 4 capsule:NRV:**
    Green-lipped mussel extract1400 mg
    of which glycosaminoglycans189 mg
    Vitamin C12 mg15 %
    Omega-3 fatty acidsmind. 252 mg

    (**) Reference quantity according to Food Information Regulation

    Ingredients: 63.6% green-lipped mussel extract (from molluscs), cellulose, capsule casing: hydroxylpropyl methylcellulose, colouring: titanium dioxide, ascorbic acid.

    The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Keep out of reach of small children. Store in a dry place at room temperature, protected from light. Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet, which is vital along with a healthy lifestyle. A healthy diet (sufficient fluid) and exercise that is gentle on the joints (boosts metabolism – joints are supplied with blood) are also important factors for the smooth functioning of your joints.


    Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand

    Only green-lipped mussels from New Zealand nature reserves, which are among the cleanest waters in the world, are used in the production of STAUDT® gel and STAUDT® capsules. The green-lipped mussel farms operate under the strictest quality standards in the world. Both the shellfish and the seawater around the farms are regularly tested for biotoxins, bacteria and heavy metals. No artificial feeds, additives, medicines or pesticides are used in their breeding.



    Do you have any questions about our capsules and health products for back and joint pain? Speak with our specialists at +43 / (0) 7242/65 162 – 11!

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