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As the market leader for therapy sleeves, we work hard every day to ensure that we continue to be number one when it comes to treating your joint and back pain in future as well. We develop and test our products with the aim of giving you the best possible quality of life. As a result, it’s important that we remain on the cutting edge of research – and this is why we work together with selected health experts, physiotherapists and doctors to develop our products.

Continue reading below for several expert opinions on STAUDT® therapy sleeves.


Prof. Hademar Bankhofer repeatedly refers to the effects of STAUDT therapy sleeves and the STAUDT therapy approach, including in his works ‘Simply Bankhofer’ and ‘The Healthy Half Hour’. In the below links (in German), you can read a selection of excerpts from his medical magazines in which he shares his expert opinion. (video in German)


Prof. Hademar Bankhofer also recommends STAUDT® on television

Excerpt from the book „Gesundheit aus der Natur“

Specialist magazine article „Hören und Sehen"

„The STAUDT® therapy approach provides great support for joint, back and rheumatic pain and helps to relieve the related symptoms. STAUDT therapy sleeves are used like a support, but are worn loosely and at night. Not only can they eliminate uncomfortable morning stiffness, they can also improve long-term chronic joint and back pain. Reports from patients and the results of clinical observational studies were very impressive.“

STAUDT® therapy recommended according to expert opinion of ‘Health Pope’ Prof. Hademar Bankhofer (at left in photo with Mr Staudt)



„As an athlete, I’ve chalked up nearly 140,000 kilometres in my career. This has a negative effect on the body’s shock absorption system. After getting up, I often had extreme joint pain; I waddled like a duck at the beginning of the day. When I sleep, I wear the joint bandages around my worn-out ankle, calf and back. I know they don’t look that sexy, but that’s not the point – thanks to these ‘super pyjamas’, I’m ready for the next run!“ 

Four-time Olympian Mr Günther Weidlinger shares his experiences with the STAUDT® sleeves

„You can put on the bandages yourself, including after therapy and massages, so treatment can easily be continued at home. Patients with back pain, neck tension, knee or shoulder problems respond particularly well to the combined STAUDT® therapy approach: Rub the affected areas with the STAUDT® gel in the morning and evening and then apply the STAUDT® sleeves at night. The gel has a cooling effect first; then the circulation-boosting effect comes into play. The combination of STAUDT® therapy sleeves and the STAUDT® gel is the key to relief.“

Expert opinion of massage therapist Ulrike Herzig, Technical and Organisational Director of the College for Massage Professions and the Kneipp Academy of Carinthia, Austria


„Clinical research has shown that the patient gets up in the morning without major problems and without joint stiffness. The STAUDT® therapy approach is not only considered to be a suitable supplement to therapy when treating rheumatic diseases and for those who wear bandages, but can also be worn for preventive purposes, e.g. in sports medicine.“

Expert opinion of Dr H. Tauchmannová, Dr Jozef Rovenský, DrSC, FRCP and Dr Pavol Zatkalík

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"In summary, we consider STAUDT® therapy sleeves to be a useful supplement to physiotherapeutic treatment of the musculoskeletal system based on the findings gained during the treatment period and the results achieved."

Excerpt from medical reports, Salzburg State Hospital, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, expert opinion of Dr Müller-Thies and Dr A. Wicker

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„The sleeves are an ideal complement to a bandage on multiple levels thanks to their unique structure. The fine mesh on the inside creates a gentle micro-massage. This promotes blood circulation and improves the metabolic situation in the joint. The more rapid removal of substances that can harm the joints via the lymph and blood, as well as the improved supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissue provide short-term, but most importantly, long-term pain relief and an improved condition.“

Expert opinion of Dr Heinz Schiller, a spa doctor specialising in Kneipp Therapy at Kneipp Traditionshaus in Bad Mühllacken, Austria


"STAUDT® sleeves have proved their worth many times over in our department in the course of outpatient and inpatient care for patients with diabetic polyneuropathy as well as degenerative and inflammatory rheumatic diseases. Swelling and pain were significantly improved by using them consistently at night. We primarily used knee, ankle, shoulder and elbow sleeves. Overall, we would consider the success of treatment in some 40 treated patients to be good."

Expert opinion of Dr Ulrike Stub, Senior Physician, Public Hospital of the City of Linz, Internal Clinic II; Management Board: Dr J. Zazgornik, General Hospital of the City of Linz

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The "Schwaiger-Sisters" STAUDT®-Story

We were delighted to receive this photo of the famous European champions in beach volleyball – who hail from Austria and have also won the championship here at home – with their STAUDT® sleeves! We want to congratulate the Schwaiger sisters on their outstanding sports achievements, which have often inspired us and our families. The Schwaiger sisters motivate so many people in Austria to lead a healthy and successful lifestyle, and due to their ‘Schwaiger power’ they are real heroes for many people, and for us too. We wish you all the best for the future and congratulate you on your great achievements on behalf of all of Austria!



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