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At what time of day should the sleeves be worn?

STAUDT® therapy sleeves are not supports and are not intended to provide compression. The therapy sleeves use your natural movements during sleep. They should therefore be worn loosely at NIGHT.


How long do the sleeves last?

When used daily, the foam ribs on the side facing the bed naturally flatten out and lose their effect over time, similar to a mattress which is slept on every night. We therefore recommend replacing the STAUDT® therapy sleeves every six months.


Why are some sleeves worn in pairs?

a) When we have chronic joint pain, we tend to relieve the side that is more affected – usually unconsciously. In medical terms, this is referred to as a compensatory posture. However, the result of this is that the side which is now subjected to a greater load is exposed to atypical loads and is therefore more prone to pain. The STAUDT® therapy approach uses the ‘parallel therapy approach’, so your ‘overstrained joint’ is treated as you sleep.
b) Our body is a highly sensitive miracle, including joints, muscles and nerves, which is constantly striving to achieve balance. Wearing the sleeves in pairs while sleeping thus ensures a nearly uniform sensation on both sides of the body, e.g. the left and right knees. This parallel pressure therefore helps you sleep more easily and relax. 
c) Since nerve reflex arcs radiate pain from the injured side to the opposite side and thus can damage the seemingly healthy side, it is advisable to treat the healthy side as well in order to enhance the healing of the damaged side by striving for a balance of energy.

Dr. Wang (Horn) / Dr. med. Univ. H. Goldmann (Linz)


My sleeve has become discoloured - What should I do?

We deliberately avoid dyeing the material of the therapy sleeves during their production and prefer to use the natural colour of the PU material instead. The only drawback is that the sleeve material is not UV resistant and can therefore yellow when exposed to UV irradiation (ultraviolet is the primary emission in fluorescent lamps). Colour changes DO NOT impact the effectiveness of the sleeves. To prevent discolouration, please store the sleeves in a dark place where they are protected from light (e.g. in the outer carton or in a cupboard).


Can I wash the sleeves if they get dirty?

Yes, you can wash the STAUDT® therapy sleeves. STAUDT® therapy sleeves are made of a special three-component composite consisting of velor, foam and a fine polyester mesh and are therefore easy to care for. Polyester fibres have good moisture transport properties and dry quickly. They can be washed in the washing machine at up to 60 °C with commercially available mild detergents. Do not dry clean or use bleach or fabric softeners. We recommend air drying the sleeves for longer durability, but they are also suitable for tumble drying. Fasten the closures and use a laundry net if desired.


The velcro on the sleeve does not hold well. What can I do?

For a Velcro fastener to last well, it is usually sufficient to clean it thoroughly. This removes lint and dirt that has settled between the hooks. You can do this by trying to collect the lint with a strip of tape. Stubborn lint can be removed with a hard toothbrush. A simple toothbrush with hard bristles (the simplest and cheapest model) works best. Close the Velcro before putting the sleeve in the washing machine. If these steps still do not help, please contact us at +43 (0) 7242/65 162 15.


Can I also wear the sleeves during the day?

Yes. Our sleeves are specially designed to be worn at night and are essentially intended for this purpose, but if you have acute pain or if you watch TV throughout the day, for example, you can of course wear it during the day as well: The more often, the better.


My sleeve fits, but is either very tight or very loose. How loosely should the sleeves fit?

STAUDT® therapy sleeves are not supports and should be worn loosely. If the sleeve fits snugly, please move the fastener or order the product one size larger. The sleeve should not fit as tightly as a support, but should not ‘slip down’. A good finger’s width from the skin has been proven as a rule of thumb.


For whom are STAUDT® therapy sleeves suitable?

Whether you’re young or old, male or female, big or small – STAUDT® sleeves can be worn by anyone. Top athletes, Olympians and European champions also use our sleeves daily. The sleeves can provide immediate relief as well as preventive protection for both acute and chronic joint and back pain.


Do the sleeves have side effects?

The effect of the sleeves is natural and they have no negative side effects.


At what age can the STAUDT® sleeves be used?

The sleeves can be used at any age.


Are the STAUDT® products suitable for allergy sufferers?

Yes, all of our products have been tested for allergens and are suitable for allergy sufferers. Our therapy sleeves are produced under strict quality regulations in Austria in our own tailoring facility. Our material is ÖKO-TEX certified, which means it contains no harmful substances.


Is the STAUDT® gel suitable for children?

The STAUDT® gel is intended for external use and should not come into contact with the eyes. It can be used by children, but swallowing the gel or eye contact should be avoided. We therefore recommend that it is used in children ages 10–11 years and up.


Is the STAUDT® gel free of parabens and microplastics?

Yes, the gel contains no parabens or microplastics: We care not only about human health but also about the environment.


Where can I buy STAUDT® products?

Die STAUDT®-product range is available to order from numerous medical supply shops, doctors and chemists, as well as from foreign sales partners and dealers, at our site in Thalheim, via our online shop and at all chemists in Austria. Our dealer locator is the best way to find your nearest retailer.


Can I return a product?

LUnfortunately, we cannot accept products that have already been used. In accordance with the right of cancellation, they must be in an unworn and original packed condition and can be returned within 14 days after purchase. According to our cancellation policy, you must bear the direct costs of returning the goods in the case of a return. We would be happy to provide you with the details of a branch belonging to one of our dealers so we can discuss your problem and find a solution. We are always happy to answer your queries at any time.

Payment & Shipping

Is the online payment process safe?

Yes. When making your payment, you will be directed to the secure website of our payment provider, which is specifically secured for the purpose of processing your transaction. At no time will they receive any information regarding your bank details, which will be forwarded to the bank directly from you. The data are encrypted and protected when communicating with the bank.


My online payment was not successful, or the online payment was not accepted.

Check your credit card number and expiration date. If the problem is still not resolved, please contact us at +43 (0) 7242 65 162 15.


How long does it take to ship STAUDT® sleeves?

The sleeves will be shipped (if ordered before 11:00 am) on the same day on which the order was placed or on the following working day. Estimated delivery times by region:

  • Austria: 1-2 working days
  • Germany: 2-3 working days
  • Other EU countries: 2-4 working days

Haven’t found the answer to your question yet? You can also obtain further information by E-Mail or by phone  +43 (0) 7242 65 162 15. Our contact form can be found under Contact and getting here.



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