Care and washing instructions

Instructions for proper care of the therapy sleeves

STAUDT® therapy sleeves (bandages for use at night) are made from high-quality materials and are very easy to care for. Like bandages, they can be washed in the washing machine at up to 40 °C with commercially available mild detergent and then dried in the tumble dryer or air dried (they dry very quickly). The sleeves should not be ironed. Do not dry clean or use bleach or fabric softeners. Fasten the closures and use a laundry net if desired.


Tips for extending the durability of the sleeve/bandage

We recommend air drying the sleeves to extend their durability, but they are also suitable for tumble drying. Since the sleeves are to be worn every night, daily use causes the foam ribs on the side facing the bed to flatten out like a mattress that is slept on every night. Over time, they naturally lose their effect. We therefore recommend replacing STAUDT® therapy sleeves every six months.

Note regarding the colour of the sleeve/bandage material

We deliberately avoid dyeing the material of the STAUDT® therapy sleeves and prefer to use the natural colour of the PU material instead. The only drawback is that the sleeve material is not UV resistant and can therefore yellow when exposed to UV irradiation. Colour changes DO NOT impact the effectiveness of the sleeves. To prevent discolouration, please store the sleeves in a dark place where they are protected from light (e.g. in the outer carton or in a cupboard).



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