How STAUDT® is made

In order to guarantee that our products meet the highest quality standards, all STAUDT® therapy sleeves are produced at our original production site in Thalheim bei Wels, Austria. Our employees put incredible passion and commitment into ensuring your health. STAUDT® stands for quality made in Austria – from development to production, and from shipping to customer service.

"Making of" - Video: A day in production

Take a look over the shoulders of our tailors and employees: Check out the below video to experience how STAUDT® therapy sleeves are produced at our location in Thalheim, Austria.

Just to review, here’s how our production works, step by step: We begin with large sheets of our patented Mobitex® material. First, a template is used to mark the shape of the sleeve. Then our expert tailors cut the material into ‘puzzle pieces’ with an electric cutter. It’s a challenging task, especially when it comes to more complex cuts (e.g. our STAUDT® glove sleeve)!

Then we move on to sewing. First, the red STAUDT® logo is embroidered onto the textile. All the materials we used in production are ÖKO-Tex certified – from fabric, to PU foam, to thread. This guarantees that there are no harmful substances in the material and that the material is highly compatible with users’ skin. After the sleeve is sewn together carefully to meet the relevant measurements, the soft Velcro fasteners are stitched on at the end.

The therapy sleeve is then placed in a cardboard box. And the back sleeve is finished!








Quality Made in Austria

Aerial view of our original location in Thalheim, a market town in Upper Austria in the district of Wels-Land.



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