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 Diagnosis: elbow arthrosis + reactive arthritis + subluxation!
Ingeborg, 22 January 2019

Despite this diagnosis, I had around 70% improvement after 14 days. A miracle! Couldn’t find a dealer in Zwettl, but Internet order worked great.


  Product is the best – thanks!!! 
Ingrid G., 30 November 2018

My chemist advised me to use the gel. I had had severe back pain for 2 years after a long period of caring for a loved one. Since using the STAUDT® gel and the back bandage, I can get out of bed in the morning without having to take painkillers. My body says thank you!


  I highly recommend the green-lipped mussel gel
P. Bouillon, 15 August 2018

Someone recommended me the STAUDT® gel for my knee pain while I was on holiday. 
Your staff provided great service by managing to deliver the gel to my holiday hotel. Thank you for this great and flexible service. 
I have been using the gel for some time now, and it has worked wonders. Great. 


 Staudt gel has good effect, every day 
anonymous, 12 May 2018 

I also tried the gel at night on my ankles for my polyneuropathy and noticed a reduction in pain. Gel is easy to use, dries quickly. The STAUDT® gel enhances the positive effect of the sleeve.


 Natural remedy for joint pain 
Frank, 30 March 2018

I have arthritis in my big toe joint on the right side. Prior to this, I always used VOLTAREN gel. But the STAUDT® gel helps me more. I think it smells very pleasant. It cools very effectively when applied. I don’t notice the subsequent heat effect as much. I have hardly any pain anymore. So for me, the purchase was worth it. You don’t need to use much gel at a time.


 SUPER !!!
Berrer M.,  11 March 2018

THIS IS SIMPLY FANTASTIC!!! I use it almost daily and it’s really awesome. Always recommend it when I hear that someone has sore muscles or tension. 


 Green-lipped mussel gel
Roland R., 28 February 2018

Relieves pain!! SUPER SATISFIED. 


 Helpful for shoulder pain, tension, backache
anonym, 20 November 2017

Better than any pain ointment, such as Voltaren. Helps me to fall asleep at night when I’m in pain, for example. 


 Very good product
anonym, 7 November 2017

I have been using the Staudt dispenser every day for two years. The gel absorbs quickly, cools first, then has a warming effect! Not greasy, just great! Dispenser lasts for a long time.


 Great relief
Barbara H., 29 September 2017

Since December 2015, I have suffered from numbness in my lower left leg due to a herniated disc. I had a lot of trouble with severe nerve pain. The Staudt gel gave me a great deal of relief and was actually my only relief from the nerve pain. I have now had infiltration three times. I use physiotherapy, craniosacral therapy, back yoga, walking and the Staudt gel every day. 


 The Staudt gel is unique!
anonym, 18 September 2017

I had a broken rib, and the Staudt gel healed my broken rib. The Staudt gel helped me very well. It was recommended to me by my doctor. 


 I am an avid user of your products
anonym, 18 May 2017

MI work as a care consultant for the state and have ordered and purchased all of your products. I would like to pass on to you that we have had especially good experiences using the Staudt gel for back and joint pain. 


 Recommendation for the Staudt gel as well
Harald B., 12 March 2017

I had the chance to try the gel in the form of samples and am thrilled. I also provide my neighbours with the ointment, my clients recommended the product to me (I work in mobile care).


 Always on my nightstand
anonym, 4 December 2016

To get straight to the point, the Staudt gel has provided me with the best help for my joint pain out of all the methods I have tried. I always keep a tube on the nightstand.


 I have you to thank for my mobility and being relatively free of pain
Teresa B., 16 November 2016

I would like to thank you for the help you have provided me over the years. A woman I know gave me my first tube of green-lipped mussel gel when I was suffering from sciatic pain ten years ago. I then searched for green-lipped mussel products, and I received a referral for them from Switzerland. Our highly successful cooperation began shortly thereafter. I use the Staudt gel and the Staudt capsules and have the best experiences with them. 


 Product, delivery and advice were very good
Kovarik M., 20 October 2016

I had a bike accident in July and had bruises on my left side from my hip to my foot. Thanks to the Staudt gel it has continually improved; I now have pain in my arm and shoulder, but the gel works wonders. My daughter ordered the gel. Thank you very much for the product. 


 The green-lipped mussel gel
anonym, 7 October 2016

I myself and several people I know use the Staudt gel and the Staudt capsules and have had very good experiences with them. We have also been using the sleeves for a long time. 


 Bought your gel
Johann A., 15 January 2016

Product is good. I recommend it to anyone with joint pain. Gel pump is interchangeable.


 Unique effect – THANK YOU!!!
Daniela M., 18 September 2015

SI had to write to you as I have now achieved very good results with the Staudt gel several times! I worked at Bandagist Heindl for 12 years and am familiar with this product as the company has it in their range. The customers were and are still very enthusiastic about the effect of the Staudt gel!! About 5 years ago, I had a customer who was a farmer. He told me that he rubbed one of his cows, which had a highly inflamed udder, with this gel and it healed surprisingly quickly! As I also had a lot of problems with my horse at the time, I thought I would try it too! My horse had very severe inflammation of the ring ligament in the rear fetlock joint. The vet had told me that surgery was the only thing that would help! So I bought the Staudt gel as well as an elbow bandage, which I simply cut up and used as a bandage pad. I initially applied the gel to the horse 2x per day for about 2 months, then once a day, and bandaged it with the Staudt bandage. It has helped so well that we didn’t need any surgery, and I can ride the horse as I normally would! My vet was very surprised about that !! :–) I also use it when the horses have superficial injuries and have had good results again and again! I have the highest praise for your products!! I wanted to let you know as I think other pet owners would be able to benefit from it!


 The Staudt gel
Lisa F., 12 October 2015

Isaw your booth at the 50+ trade fair in Ried and immediately knew your products were for me as I have severe spastic shoulder arthritis and have thus been in severe pain for nearly a decade – (especially in my arm and lumbar spine). The Staudt gel worked so well and fast, I am thrilled and recommend it to everyone. It fights pain in the limbs in a targeted manner.
It also gets points for consistency and ease of use. If I’m in pain, I’ll use the STAUDT gel right away. It works so perfectly for me.
I would also like to mention that the gentleman who provided me with information and advice at the stand did an excellent job. He was very personable, helpful and nice


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