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Buy the STAUDT® back sleeve – to be worn loosely at night

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Treats back pain specifically with a soothing, natural massage that enhances blood circulation throughout the night

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ST1050S S (76-85 cm) 83,90 EUR
ST1050M M (82-92 cm) 83,90 EUR
ST1050L L (93-109 cm) 83,90 EUR
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item # Waist measurement (WM) price amount  
83,90 EUR

Detailed description

Dr Birgit Mayr, Specialist in Orthopaedics, Herniated Discs and General Medicine
The STAUDT® back sleeve is a natural and effective aid for back pain. It covers the lower thoracic and lumbar spine up to the sacrum, is applied around the body, fixed with Velcro and is particularly soft in the abdominal region. The mesh-like Mobitex® fabric on the inside of the back sleeve massages the skin and underlying back muscles with every natural movement the user makes during sleep.


  •   Back complaints of any kind
  •   Tension
  •   Chronic intervertebral disc complaints
  •   Pain due to excessive strain
  •   Pain caused by osteoporosis
  •   Herniated discs
  •   Injury-related damage to the spine

Struggling with back pain: Many people are affected by back pain today – the spectrum of intensity ranges from a slight pulling sensation after sitting for a long time to severe pain that makes it difficult to get out of bed in the morning. Back pain recurs in many cases and severely restricts those affected by it in everyday life. Beating back pain – say ‘good night’ to back pain: Similar to a massage, the back sleeve results in significant relief of back pain, relaxes the back muscles, stimulates blood circulation and improves the flow of lymph to the tissue in the back muscles. The breathable velor fabric has a very good ventilation effect thanks to its ribbed structure with ventilated webbing – this prevents perspiration while the back is comfortably relaxed and massaged. This lets you wake up feeling healthy and relaxed the next morning and – most importantly – your back feels good.

  • Put on the back sleeve before bedtime so it fits loosely. There should be no layers of clothing in between – please wear it directly on your skin.
  • To achieve the best results, the therapy sleeve should not be applied too loosely, nor should it squeeze too tightly around the abdomen, but should comfortably massage the back during the night.
  • If you wear a back support during the day, the back sleeve (for use at night) is also the ideal complement for additional pain relief while you sleep.

Customer reviews

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 Sleep better again with therapy bandages from Staudt
anonymous, 29 June 2018

a good tip for back pain; I have now had the back sleeve for 3 years. I would particularly recommend it on days where you don’t get enough movement, because it helps to relieve pain and release tension when you go to sleep and wake up.

  My report on your back sleeve 
anonymous, 7 April 2018

Easy and effortless to put on and wear, has a comfortable fit. 
Provides pain relief during the day. The sleeve is comfortable and warm, made of good material; the pain caused by my ankylosing spondylitis was alleviated. 

 Top recommendation! Wear it every night 
antje, 12 February 2018

I haven’t had any backaches since getting the back sleeve. I sleep through the night and feel really good.

 Staudt sleeve has positive effect on back pain 
Sebastian W., 24 January 2018

Good product, fast and easy delivery. Mild pain relief for my lumbago, does not interfere with sleep. No sweating.

 Back sleeve recommendation
anonym, 30 December 2017

Comfortable to use, free movement during use, the back sleeve keeps heat in during the night, pain is relieved during the night and on the morning thereafter when the back sleeve is used.

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Product details

STAUDT® technology

Mobitex® technology

  • Activates regeneration, blood circulation and metabolism during sleep
  • Has an analgesic and muscle-relaxing effect that reduces blockages so you wake up feeling good in the morning
  • Skin-friendly, lightweight velor material ensures good ventilation
  • High-quality workmanship, easy-care material that is comfortably soft during wear – no chafing, no scratching, no perspiration

Care instructions

Washable at 60 °C with commercially available mild detergents.
Do not expose to direct sunlight. Please do not iron.

Combination with STAUDT®  Gel

Combine the therapy sleeve with the STAUDT® Gel to achieve the best effect. Thanks to its high proportion of beneficial glycosaminoglycans from New Zealand green-lipped mussels, the gel stimulates blood circulation, has a pleasant smell, relaxes the muscles and has a nourishing and protective effect on the throat region.

Proven qualityMedically proven – clinically tested – class I medical device


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