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STAUDT® trainer socks – to be worn loosely at night

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Treat foot pain and ankle pain specifically with a soothing, natural massage that enhances blood circulation throughout the night

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65,90 EUR

Detailed description

Dr Birgit Mayr, Specialist in Orthopaedics, Herniated Discs and General Medicine
Put on the STAUDT® trainer socks at bedtime to benefit from the micro-massage effect during the night. Thanks to the breathable, ribbed structure of the Mobitex® fabric, friction on the skin caused by natural movements during sleep results in a regenerating micro-massage effect.


  •   Discomfort in the whole foot or toes, ball of the foot, midfoot, heel, ankle
  •   Pain when placing weight on the foot, taking a step, walking or rolling over the foot
  •   Injuries due to dislocation, sprains, twisting or contusions
  •   Anti-inflammatory effect for heel spurs
  •   Inflammation, swelling
  •   Treatment following injuries and surgery
  •   Chronic cold feet due to circulatory and nervous disorders
  •   Restless legs syndrome
  •   Diabetic polyneuropathy (diabetic foot)
  •   Regeneration e.g. after sports

WARNING: No slippers. Only wear in bed – there is a danger of slipping on smooth floors!

  • Maximum protection and comfort
  • Pain relief and relaxation – for acute or chronic pain
  • Promotes blood circulation and regeneration, stimulates the metabolism
  • Positive effect on the flow of lymph (reducing congestion and swelling)
  • Wear the trainer socks directly on the skin, without socks. The trainer socks should be worn overnight.
  • Like all therapy sleeves on the arms or legs, the sneaker socks are always worn in pairs.
  • The STAUDT® socks, which are worn at night, are also the ideal complement to a foot support (worn during the day). They provide support for all foot complaints.
  • If you have ankle pain, please purchase STAUDT® Ankle sleeves.

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Product details

STAUDT® technology

Mobitex® technology

  • Activates regeneration, blood circulation and metabolism during sleep
  • Has an analgesic and muscle-relaxing effect that reduces blockages so you wake up feeling good in the morning
  • Skin-friendly, lightweight velor material ensures good ventilation
  • High-quality workmanship, easy-care material that is comfortably soft during wear – no chafing, no scratching, no perspiration

Care instructions

Washable at 60 °C with commercially available mild detergents.
Do not expose to direct sunlight. Please do not iron.

Combination with STAUDT®  Gel

Combine the therapy sleeve with the STAUDT® Gel to achieve the best effect. Thanks to its high proportion of beneficial glycosaminoglycans from New Zealand green-lipped mussels, the gel stimulates blood circulation, has a pleasant smell, relaxes the muscles and has a nourishing and protective effect on the throat region.

Proven qualityMedically proven – clinically tested – class I medical device


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