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Thanks to the material’s exceptional structure, STAUDT® therapy sleeves provide special support for joint and back problems caused by illness, injuries, accidents or wear and tear. Thanks to many years of intensive medical research and innovation, STAUDT® has established itself as a leading provider of therapy sleeves applied at night in orthopaedics and orthopaedic rehabilitation.


Those who look after themselves wear STAUDT every day!

Medically proven – clinically tested

It’s been confirmed by experts, hospitals and users: Our medical devices establish the optimal conditions for relieving pain and regenerating joints and the back.

Counteracting pain naturally

Our vision is a pain-free life for everyone. With the STAUDT® therapy approach, you can do something to counteract the pain yourself – without medication, side effects or surgery.

Easy handling – high-quality workmanship

Easy-care, well-ventilated material, a precise fit and an especially comfortable and soft feeling during wear, without scratching or perspiration: This is ultimate quality, made in Austria.

Wirkung der STAUDT Therapie-Manschette - STAUDT Health

  Micro-massage: pain relief during sleep

Even though sleeping means a period of rest, a great deal happens as we sleep: The brain remains active, and various processes that are important for recovery and repair mechanisms occur in the body. Muscles are tensed and relaxed; we shift our body position. A symptom-free person moves up to 40–60 times during sleep – but those of us with pain move more frequently and more intensively, even up to 200 times a night on average. The innovative Mobitex® fabric uses these increased natural sleep movements for the purpose of regeneration. This mode of action recommends STAUDT® therapy bandages for a variety of uses to treat rheumatism and arthritis.


Wirkung der STAUDT Therapie-Manschette - STAUDT Health

  Optimal conditions for regenerating the joint

With every movement made during sleep, the honeycomb structure of the night bandage massages the covered area of ​​the body to relieve pain. It relaxes the muscles and stimulates and promotes blood circulation, boosting the metabolism and activating natural recovery processes. The in-depth elasticity of the ribs and the fine mesh on the inside with its honeycomb-shaped structure result in a micro-massage effect on the skin and muscles even with the smallest movements. This means you actively promote the regeneration of your joint or back throughout the night. The high-quality workmanship of the material offers pleasantly soft, skin-friendly comfort during wear.


  STAUDT® therapy: recommended by experts

Dr Birgit Mayr, a specialist in orthopaedics, herniated discs and general medicine who has worn our products herself for many years, recommends the therapy sleeves in combination with the green-lipped mussel gel for best results. Our material is highlighted in the medical Textbook of Lymphology for Physicians, Massage Therapists and Physiotherapists. The effect of the therapy sleeve has already been proven several times over: A significant reduction in pain was found in 97% of participants in a study. STAUDT® therapy sleeves have a profound impact on pain, with users experiencing significant pain relief to complete pain relief after just two to three weeks.



Innovation and wearer comfort

Optimum air circulation thanks to lightweight velor material.


When you wear STAUDT® therapy bandages, you can immediately feel their pleasant mini-climate. The special, fully elastic PU foam and the breathable, air-permeable ribbed structure produce a ventilation and pumping effect, which pushes air through the material – without chafing, scratching or perspiration.




  A loose fit – pain relief at night

  Muscle relaxation and regeneration

  Decongesting and anti-blockage effect

  Well ventilated – no perspiration

  Pleasantly soft to wear with a precise fit


Pain relief and prevention for:

 Back and joint pain
 postoperative use
 Muscle tension
 Raynaud’s disease
 Cervical syndrome
 Before or after exercise
 Chronic pain
 For preventive joint care
Ideal supplement to a support

Contraindications STAUDT® therapy sleeves
should not be used with:

 Open wounds
Acute inflammation
 To achieve compression (no supporting function!)


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