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STAUDT® for joint and back pain.

Wear at night. Wake up pain free.

Don’t let joint and back pain get the best of you. With STAUDT® therapy sleeves made in Austria, you can say ‘good night ’ to pain!

How STAUDT® works


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 STAUDT® Therapy sleeves >>

For use at night to treat joint and back pain. The sleeves activate blood circulation and boost the metabolism as well as supporting joint regeneration during sleep.

 STAUDT® Green-lipped mussel gel >>

Supplements the therapy sleeve. The gel stimulates circulation and promotes the well-being of the joints thanks to beneficial green-lipped mussel extract.

 STAUDT® Everyday health >>

Our comprehensive nutritional aid for those with joint and back pain. Helps you sleep well, relieve pain and enjoy your everyday life without restrictions.

 - specialist for back and joint pain

We are the leading manufacturer of therapy sleeves intended for use at night. All our therapy sleeves are produced at our site in Thalheim, Austria. The STAUDT® therapy approach is particularly helpful for almost all joint problems caused by illness, injuries, accidents or as a result of physical wear and tear. Our customers ’ well-being is the top priority in every aspect of our philosophy and the way we do business. That’s why we do our best every day to provide you with comprehensive support – so you can enjoy your daily routine and your life with in good physical health. Your future is bright!

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Effect confirmed in clinical studies

In summary, we consider STAUDT therapy sleeves to be a useful supplement to physiotherapeutic treatment of the musculoskeletal system based on the findings gained during the treatment period and the results achieved.
Dr. Dr. Anton Wicker, Head of the University Clinic for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation


Great support for joint and back pain

The STAUDT therapy approach not only helps to eliminate unpleasant stiffness in the morning but can also improve chronic joint and back pain over the long term. Patient reports and the results of observations in clinical trials were very impressive.
"Health Pope" Prof. Hademar Bankhofer


Ready for peak performance again thanks to ‘super pyjamas’

As an athlete, I’ve chalked up nearly 140,000 kilometres in my career. I often had extreme joint pain when I got up in the morning. Now I wear the joint bandages while I’m sleeping. I know they don’t look that sexy, but thanks to these ‘super pyjamas’, I’m ready for the next run!
Günther Weidlinger, four-time Olympian


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